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How an Automatic Garage Opener Makes Your Life Easier

Nowadays, just about every household device is smart, including garage doors. If you’re still using a traditional garage door opener, upgrading to an automatic one will provide you with numerous benefits. Here’s how an automatic garage opener will make your life easier.

Enhanced Security

Unlike conventional openers, automatic garage door openers have various sophisticated features. These features can greater secure your car and other valuable items in your garage from theft.

For instance, many automatic garage door openers come with a “vacation mode” feature that can allow you to disable remote controls when you’re away for an extended period. When on vacation mode, opportunistic burglars will be further deterred from trying to access your garage since it will only be accessible from the inside.


Having to hoist and lower your garage door manually can be a hassle, especially if you’re in a rush. With an automatic garage door opener, you won’t have to do this. Instead, with just the click of a button, you’ll be able to raise and lower your garage door without even leaving your car.

Energy Efficient

Even though automatic garage door openers come with various technological features, they aren’t energy-intensive. They generally consume minimal energy, so they won’t significantly increase your energy costs. Plus, some models can allow you to attach solar panels to the opener. While the initial cost of these models is higher, they considerably consume less energy which will save you money in the long term.


Automatic garage door openers come with built-in lights. Besides enhancing your security, these lights can also greatly improve visibility around the areas near your garage.

Increased Protection from Injuries

While your manual garage door may seem non-threatening, it can cause you serious bodily harm. Your finger can get pinched in the garage door while you try to lift or close it. Worse still, your garage door could fall on you, leading to a severe, even fatal, injury. An automatic garage door opener can put you out of harm’s way with its various safety features.

All automatic garage door openers come with an auto-reverse feature that can detect even the slightest resistance when the garage door is closing. This feature can be vital if a person, pet, or object gets caught beneath the garage door while it’s coming down. It will stop and auto-reverse upon detecting resistance. As such, automatic garage door openers are ideal for homes with children or pets.


Despite all their advanced features, automatic garage door openers are relatively inexpensive. While prices vary depending on brand and model, they typically range from $120 to $288, exclusive of installation costs.


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