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Signs You Need a New Swimming Pool Pump for Summer

The beating heart of your swimming pool is, in essence, the pool pump. It keeps your water clean and flowing by removing water from your pool and forcing it through the filtration system. Knowing when your pool pump is acting up and might require repair or replacement is crucial because it is an integral component of your swimming pool. Your crystal-clear, stunning pool won’t last long without a working pool pump before it turns into a swamp.

If you’re in need of a new pool pump, Breeze Lease can help out! Let’s look at some signs that it’s time to get a new one.


Pool pumps typically last eight to fifteen years before needing to be replaced. It is typical for pool components to start to deteriorate with time. Additionally, over the past ten years, swimming pool technology has advanced significantly. Thanks to adjustable speeds that can be turned up or down, modern pool pumps use a lot less energy than their forerunners. Replace an old pool pump with a variable-speed pump if the fiberglass is deteriorating in it. Even though it may seem pricey now, doing this will end up saving you money later on, before your pump breaks down suddenly.


Rumbling sounds can be produced by a pump motor that vibrates excessively. These noises are made when the pump bumps up against the surface of the pool as a result of vibrations. These excessive vibrations are frequently caused by a pump that moves or becomes loose.

The good news is that if you contact a swimming pool repair service as soon as possible, this can still be a simple fix. Otherwise, the pump may become damaged from the continuous “bumping” on the surface. In addition to making rumbling noises, the pump needs to be replaced if it has cracks.

However, screeching or grinding noises may be different. These sounds typically indicate that your pump needs new bearings in the early stages. Bearings that are worn out can cause the motor to overheat and harm the pump’s windings.

Although bearings are inexpensive on their own, changing the worn ones requires opening the pump. The majority of bearing noise also indicates a leaking pump seal, which needs to be replaced. It would be best to hire experts for this job because it is a little too complicated to complete on your own.


Be extremely cautious when handling the machine because this issue could be happening for a number of reasons and could even cause a fire. Due to the prevalence of swimming pools situated directly in the sun, it is normal for your pool pump to heat up considerably, but not to the point where you cannot touch it.

Your pool pump starts to pull air instead of water when it is clogged for a long time, which makes the impeller spin quickly. The motor burns out as a result of this issue, also referred to as “loss of prime.” To determine whether the motor needs to be replaced, you must talk to a technician about the damage.

If you believe your pool pump needs a replacement, contact Breeze Lease for purchase solutions that will work for you. We will help ensure that the cost of your swimming pool pump replacement does not break your wallet.