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The Top Benefits of Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are some of the most important components in your pool. Without them, you can’t create a healthy environment for your family and friends to enjoy time in the water. They’re also essential for making sure that your pool runs smoothly, but there’s more to this piece of equipment than meets the eye.

Healthy Pool Environment

Pool pumps are absolutely essential for a healthy pool environment. They circulate water in the pool and filter it, keeping the pH and other important measurements in check. They also heat and cool the pool, depending on what season it is. You can also add something like chlorine to help sanitize your water if needed. If you want to make sure that your water stays clean and healthy, then a pool pump will definitely be able to help!

High-Grade Filtration

To keep your water clean and clear, you need a high-quality filtration system. A pool pump is used to circulate the water in your pool, while a filter makes sure that dirt and contaminants are kept out. Pool filters come in three types: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE).

Less Noise and Vibration

When you think of pool pumps, you might imagine a large, loud machine that shakes and hums. But modern pumps have come a long way since the days of industrial-sized motors spinning at high speeds—in fact, they are now so quiet that you can’t even hear them from inside your house.

A typical pool pump generates less noise than most household appliances, like dishwashers or washing machines. In addition to being quieter than their forebears, today’s pool pumps also vibrate less because of the advanced engineering and materials used in their construction. So any vibrations produced by the pump will be less noticeable to homeowners than those from older models.


Pool pumps were designed to be more efficient than traditional pumps, which means they use less energy and therefore cost you less money over time. The more modern designs also mean that less power is required to get the job done, so you can enjoy a longer swimming season with fewer interruptions for maintenance or repairs.

More Features and Functionality

The better pool pumps are easier to operate as well as maintain, but they also offer many additional features like remote control capabilities, timers, circulation systems, alarms that let you know if something isn’t working properly, heating elements, humidifiers, ozone filters, automatic shutoffs when the filter gets clogged up with debris, and so much more.

Easier Maintenance

Pool pumps are easy to clean because they’re small and compact, and the parts aren’t complicated. They have fewer moving parts than most other types of pool equipment, so they’re less likely to break down or malfunction. Plus, many pools don’t even require a pump filter at all; instead, they use chemical feeders that automatically dose chemicals into the water as needed (or even just periodically). If you do need a pump filter, they only have one main part: the propeller and housing! A whole lot easier than cleaning an entire motor every time your filtration system needs maintenance!

We hope you now have a better idea of what pool pumps can do for you, your family, and your pool. If you’re interested in getting a pool pump, reach out to the experts at Breeze Lease today! We offer lease purchase solutions up to $12,000, so get in touch!