Breeze Lease Purchase


If you’re a professional contractor looking for a zero-fee leasing program to help your customers with, you’ve found it!

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Let us do the heavy lifting.

Breeze Lease Purchase offers a 100% fee-free partner program for professional contractors looking to join our extensive partner network. That’s right, no discounts—just a program at zero cost to you.

A major home system breaking down is stressful enough without the additional challenge of a difficult financial situation. By partnering with Breeze Lease Purchase, you can help your customers get back on their feet and regain their comfort. When you get a customer who’s having trouble with being able to replace their home systems, simply connect them to Breeze! We’ll ensure that you get the compensation you deserve while helping out a family that needs it. As a partner on our program, we’ll also connect you with new customers who need your services.

Basically, the only heavy lifting you need to do is installing the equipment, and you’re already a pro at that!

How It Works

Once you sign up with Breeze Lease Purchase, all you have to do is refer your customers who need help to our website. We’ll even provide you with a custom weblink for your own website, all at no cost to you.

And that’s it! There’s no additional training required for you or your team—you’re the experts after all. Once your customers sign up for a lease-purchase program, we’ll take over as a liaison between you and your customer. Once the installation is complete, you’ll get funded within two days.

The chance to help more customers at zero cost is waiting for you! All you have to do is sign up.

What You Get

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Get the chance to help your customers with instant approval lease purchase programs starting at $8,000.

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Become a part of our Partner Program and network at no cost to you.

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Get a custom weblink for your website.

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Connect with new customers through Breeze.

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Receive funding within two days.

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Setting Up is Easy.

Just click ‘Setup Partner Account” and fill out the form with the necessary information, and you’re done! Your Partner Account will give you access to all the lease-purchase options we have available to offer to your consumers. With our custom web links, it’s even easier for your customers to apply for a lease-purchase solution.

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What about Your Customers?

As a professional system installer, your customers will get instant approval up to $15,000, with a lease term of up to 4 years. This allows your customers to afford those expensive replacements with affordable monthly lease payments instead of covering the cost upfront.

Our added benefits plan also protects from any future bumps in the road like
sudden unemployment, lost wages due to illness, and other major life events. In
essence, your customer is our customer, and we want to help.

Reach Out to Our Consultants Today

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our team! You can call us at 855-
330-3959, email info@breezelease.com, or contact us through this form. We’re
always happy to help in any way we can.