Breeze Lease Purchase

Ways to Finance Your Plumbing Business

Sometimes you might be running low on cash for your plumbing business, and you are in serious need of equipment. You might require credit facilities, but your credit score may not be that good. Here at Breeze Lease Purchase, we offer credit facilities without considering the credit score. We have different solutions for a plumbing business.

HVAC System

It is a fundamental part of modern houses and commercial buildings since it regulates the temperature by cooling or heating the room. This system uses fresh air from outside to provide quality air inside. The HVAC system involves the removal of moisture, smoke, odors, heat, dust, bacteria, carbon dioxide, and other gases and controlling temperature and oxygen replenishment. The system is essential to clients with modern houses. Breeze Lease offers this system as a lease, and you get to pay for it gradually until the balance is fulfilled, then the system becomes yours permanently.

Pool Pump

Most houses have pools that use pool pumps. The pumps sometimes fail and may need replacement. Plumbers are tasked with the responsibility of replacing or fixing them. We at Breeze Lease have good quality pool pumps in our inventory at customer-friendly prices.

Furnace and Water Heating Systems

Breeze Lease Purchase has a fee-free partnership program with contractors willing to join our extensive partner network. You are referred to Breeze Lease if you need your furnace and water heating systems replaced and do not have enough funds to cover the whole process. You get the equipment as a lease and pay for it over time. The contractor fixes the equipment and gets paid for the services. It ensures no loss of income for the plumber or contractor if the client has a hard time paying. When you finally finish the payment, the equipment becomes your property.

When plumbers enter into a partnership with Breeze Lease, they are guaranteed new referrals to potential customers who need their services. The only thing required from the plumber is installation. The plumber is then paid two days after completion of the installation.

The process of getting into this partnership is simple. You only need to sign up and refer your customers to the Breeze Lease website. The company goes further and provides you with a weblink for your website for free. The partnership is a good opportunity for new plumbers to get more work at the minimum expense. You also get to build a good reputation with your clients since you help them when they cannot do necessary repairs to their homes due to financial constraints.

Breeze Lease Purchase is a certified lease-purchase solutions provider in the United States. We are located in Pelham, Georgia, and are available daily with different working hours depending on the day of the week. Contact us today for more details!