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Increase Safety and Convenience at Home With These Automation Systems

Automated home systems make everyday life convenient in a variety of ways. Representatives at our Breeze Lease facility are on hand to assist consumers in acquiring one of the top recommended automated systems on the market today.

1) Amazon Echo

This technology is designed for easy setup while providing multiple functions that use simple voice commands. Use the Echo to gain information, operate entertainment equipment, establish times and alarms, or make phone calls.

2) Google Nest Hub

Display the current weather, keep track of your daily schedules, or operate entertainment centers with this voice-command system. You can also connect the hub with smart appliances to regulate temperature or control security systems.

3) Control4 Home Control

The Control4 is a favorite among DIYers for it’s easy set-up that comes with hardware and software. Use the tablet interface or the portable screened remote called Neeo to combine the technology with alarms, cameras, sensors, or to create your own security system.

4) Savant Pro

Savant is ideal for medium to large residential and commercial properties. The Honeywell-compatible product is available with a table or wall-mounted touch screen that monitors and controls security systems and smart appliances. The system also comes with a portable remote.

5) Wink Hub 2

This versatile technology connects wirelessly or via an ethernet cable to an existing Wi-Fi router. Simply download the Wink app to any Android or Apple device and control a variety of systems. Establish times and temperatures for HVAC appliances, set security systems to record motion, or simply turn the lights on/off.

6) Samsung SmartThings

Using a mobile app, this technology is user-friendly and connects with a variety of smart devices and appliances throughout the home. It also features a built-in battery power option. So, in the event of a power shortage, the system will retain control. SmartThings is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant.

7) Apple Homekit

This system was specially designed for Apple or macOS users in order to control various devices using a touch screen or Siri commands. Homekit has undergone a variety of upgrades to make it compatible with more smart peripherals.

8) Logitech Harmony Elite

This system enables homeowners to link and control up to 15 devices using the user-friendly full-color touch screen. Compatible with Alexa, this easily customized technology features a charging dock to ensure ongoing power.

9) Sense Energy Monitor

The Sense system is designed to assist homeowners in decreasing their monthly utility bills using a single app. In a matter of minutes, the app provides a wealth of information that enables users to save a considerable amount of money each year.

10) Ring Doorbell Pro

The doorbell and built-in camera provide the ideal means for starting a home security system. See, listen, or speak to anyone coming to the door whether you’re at home or away. The technology is also compatible with the Echo Show 5. Visit our website and learn more about purchase solutions through Breeze Lease. Start the application process to make your home safer and more convenient.

Visit our website and learn more about purchase solutions through Breeze Lease. Start the application process to make your home safer and more convenient.